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On Location

One of my most cherished food-related activities is exploring travel destinations through their local cuisine and best locations to eat. On this page I’m posting my experiences and impressions, both locally in the SF Bay Area and elsewhere in the country/world. I’ll add more as I visit new places! 🙂

Boston – Bakeries

Israel – Middle Eastern cuisine

Reflections & Recipes (Intro)
Amalfi Coast

Lottie’s Creamery – Walnut Creek, CA

New York & Brooklyn
BAKED – Red Hook, Brooklyn
Pastry Crawl (Part 1)
Pastry Crawl (Part 2)

French Macarons

San Francisco
Pastry Crawl (Part 1)
San Francisco – Pastry Crawl (Part 2)
San Francisco – Pastry Crawl (Part 3)
San Francisco – Pastry Crawl (Part 3 ½ – TCHO Chocolate Factory)
San Francisco – Pastry Crawl (Part 4/Epilogue)

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