Jagged Little Thrill: Peanut Brittle with Vanilla Fleur de Sel

We are now a month into 2014, and I am still breathlessly trying to catch up from the holidays! In my mind, I fancy myself an organized, efficient, task-oriented, domestic goddess…. In reality, I am an inefficient, oft-frazzled, multi-tasking nightmare. At any given time, I am imagining a number of creative projects that I would […]

Crystal Clear: Lessons in Sugar Science (aka Making Candy at Baking Arts)

Ah, sugar… We meet again. I have posted several recipes chronicling my love-hate relationship with sugar; it is one of the most difficult ingredients to work with, in my experience as a home baker without a chemistry background. (Sorry, high school Chemistry was a distant, painful memory. Also, I don’t recall that we ever made […]