Baker-Tested, Seder-Approved: Matzah Tiramisu Cake 2.0

Two years ago I discovered Robicelli’s Tiramatzu, and Passover has never been the same. Seeing as how I live on the far side of the North American continent from Robicelli’s, I set about figuring out how to make my own version— this thing had to be on my Passover table! I would simply replace the ladyfingers with […]

Unleavened Heaven: Matzah Tiramisu Cake

This year, I wasn’t able to host or attend a Passover Seder, so I wasn’t planning on baking for Passover. I was content scrolling through loads of Instagram food porn including flourless chocolate cakes, coconut macaroons, and various nut-based treats (all of which are leaps and bounds more appetizing than the Passover “cake” mixes and rubber […]