Baked Sunday Mornings: Vanilla Bean Angel Food Cake with Milk Chocolate Glaze

Ah, February. Hearts, chocolates, long-stem red roses, and yes– it is the time when Cupid roams the land in search of would-be lovers to stick with his aphrodisiac arrow. I admit that I celebrate Valentine’s Day with a hearty eyeroll, but I do love all manner of heart-shaped baked treats and anything slathered in chocolate. […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Bananas Cake

Yeahhh… bananas are really not my thing. They creep me out with their mushy texture and their stinky banana stink and their brown spots and their slimy peels… I waxed poetic about my disdain towards bananas when Baked Sunday Mornings made Bananas Foster Fritters last year… but OHMYGODILOVEDTHEM. I slowly came to realize that although I […]