Baked Sunday Mornings: Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

It’s sort of blowing my mind how quickly the weeks in quarantine fly by and blend together. I generally feel that way in busy normal times anyway, but it feels like extra warp-speed right now. For months I’ve known that Baked Sunday Mornings is coming to an end, but there were still months and several […]

Puglia, Again: Pistachio Soufflé Cakes

I know I already told you about Puglia, the part of Italy located at the heel of the “boot”. I already told you about its intoxicating wildness and its foreign influences and some of its incredible food. And I already said that it feels like a different country than the rest of Italy, and that […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Devil Dogs with Malted Buttercream Filling

I had such a sheltered childhood. As an immigrant child, I did not experience some of the classic American treats that most of my peers knew and loved. Things like peanut butter and jelly and milkshakes were foreign to me, and I stayed wary and suspicious of these unfamiliar delicacies until I grew old enough […]