Cannoli Sandwich Cookies

Happy 2023, friends! Do you have bright, colorful, nutrient-rich salads and soups on deck for January? ME TOO, and I am so excited about them. And alsoooo… I’m still baking. A lot. See, my baking tends to roll with my breaks from school, and our winter break started so late this year, just two days […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Cinnamon Spritz Sandwich Cookies

Upon leafing through Baked Elements, this recipe for Cinnamon Spritz Sandwich Cookies in the Cinnamon chapter was not one that jumped out at me. I’ve never made “spritz” cookies before. I always think of a wine cooler-type beverage when I hear that word, but it does in fact also refer to cookies that are piped, rather than rolled or […]