Baked Sunday Mornings: Lemon Pecorino Pepper Icebox Cookies

Friends, I am in the throes of a deep, dark depression brought on by returning home from 3 glorious weeks in Italy. Every day brought new adventures to enjoy, beautiful sights to behold, and of course the best food in the world to savor. I came back home to the mundane reality of American suburbia, which immediately felt […]

You’ll Scream for this Ice Cream: Lottie’s Creamery

By now, ice cream enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area know about most of the best artisanal ice cream spots, some that are long-time institutions and some that have burst onto the scene more recently: Smitten Ice Cream, Bi-Rite Creamery, Ici, Humphry Slocombe, Mitchell’s, Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous, Three Twins, Tin Pot Creamery, and […]

Sweet Cradle of Liberty: My Lovefest with Boston… & Her Pastries

You know when you go somewhere and it immediately feels like that’s where you were meant to be? This place gets in your blood and reaches to your core, your very soul… You need to be there. That’s how I feel about the city of Boston. I attended three semesters of college there a number of […]

Love & Chocolate Always Win: Boston(Strong) Cream Cupcakes

BostonStrong: the mantra adopted immediately by the city after the horrific bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon, killing 4 people and injuring 264. I had no words… I spent 3 semesters in college at Boston University and fell madly in love with this spirited, proud, quirky, historic, beautiful, and downright charming city. (The use of ‘wicked’ […]

Bounty of the Winter Desert: Why Israel Really Is the Promised Land

Normally this blog is shamelessly focused on dessert, but I had to make an exception to share an experience that is very dear to my sugar-obsessed heart. Over the winter holidays, I had the opportunity for a quick trip to visit my family in Israel, plus a stop in Paris for a few days, documenting nearly […]

Les Macarons, une Histoire d’Amour: Christmastime in Paris (Part II)

“Macarons only weigh a few grams, but that’s enough to leave your senses quivering with pleasure. Their thin, crisp shell, slightly rounded shape, tempting colours and tender interiors draw devotees to devour them with their eyes, and caress their smooth surface. Their flavours solicit the nose and, when one bites into that crisp shell, the […]

Les Rêves d’une Pâtissière Américaine: Christmastime in Paris (Part I)

Bonjour, ma belle– Que tu m’as manqué! (Hello, beautiful– How I missed you!) I studied abroad in Paris for a year in college, and I can safely say that that year changed my life. It was my first significant travel experience, and though it wasn’t necessarily an easy year, it instilled in me a profound love […]

Good News & Bad News: Baseball & a Hurricane Named Sandy

It’s been quite a wild week on both coasts! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been a faithful Giants fan since I was ten years old. The elation of winning the World Series in 2010 for the first time since the team moved to SF in 1958 was such an amazing […]