Toasted Sesame Pan-Banging Cookies

While sesame is not a traditional Thanksgiving ingredient, I will always associate this particular cookie recipe with Thanksgiving, gratitude, and transformation. Two years ago, which feels like so much longer, during the pandemic holiday season of 2020 when I was holed up in my quarantine cocoon (and not mad about it), I discovered, rather late […]

Triple Sesame Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Happy 2019, friends! I hope January is treating you well so far. And I know we’re all supposed to be eating salads and carrots n’ stuff, but I’m over here making cookies, and I’ll be honest, I have no intention of stopping. I like to post a sweet-and-salty recipe around New Year’s each year because […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Monster Cookies

Sometimes I’m wrong about cookies. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on the cookie situation at hand. I was not especially excited to make these Monster Cookies for this week’s Baked Sunday Mornings recipe; not that there was anything wrong with them per se, but they just didn’t speak to me. Now […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Traditional Linzer Cookies

Christmas cookies in July? This girl ain’t gonna say ‘no’. (Let’s be honest, I’m not going to say ‘no’ to any cookies any time of the year.) Our Baked Sunday Mornings baking schedule is mostly aligned with the holidays represented in Baked Occasions, but sometimes we have to fit recipes in at different times of the year, particularly […]

Have Yourself a Boozy Little Xmas: Whiskey & Rye Chocolate Chip Cookies

I cannot remember the last time I made chocolate chip cookies. I seriously have no idea. I’ve been so consumed with learning advanced pastry skills over the past several years that I have rarely stopped to revisit that all-time icon of home baking. For shame! Sometimes you need to throw back to a simpler time when cookies solved all of […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Cinnamon Spritz Sandwich Cookies

Upon leafing through Baked Elements, this recipe for Cinnamon Spritz Sandwich Cookies in the Cinnamon chapter was not one that jumped out at me. I’ve never made “spritz” cookies before. I always think of a wine cooler-type beverage when I hear that word, but it does in fact also refer to cookies that are piped, rather than rolled or […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Lemon Pecorino Pepper Icebox Cookies

Friends, I am in the throes of a deep, dark depression brought on by returning home from 3 glorious weeks in Italy. Every day brought new adventures to enjoy, beautiful sights to behold, and of course the best food in the world to savor. I came back home to the mundane reality of American suburbia, which immediately felt […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Turtle Thumbprint Cookies

I *really* wanted these to be perfect. Upon learning that our Baked Sunday Mornings baking schedule was being accelerated ahead of the release of BAKED‘s fourth book, Baked Occasions in October (pre-order it– go now), I was delighted to see that the recipe for Turtle Thumbprint Cookies from the Caramel chapter of Baked Elements was added in for this weekend! I […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Brown Butter Snickerdoodles

I chuckle when I think back to the first time that I made brown butter, and I noticed little dark bits in my pool of melted butter. At first I thought something had fallen into my pan, so I tried to pick it out with a spatula. But more and more bits formed, and I […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Alfajores

Alpha-what, now?! I speak 3 languages and consider myself pretty worldly, and I definitely make a point of investigating pastries any time I travel; and yet, I didn’t know what Alfajores were before embarking on this week’s Baked Sunday Mornings recipe. Pronounced ‘alfa-HOR-es’, these South American “caramel”-filled sandwich cookies are featured in the Caramel chapter […]